Mommy, Mrs. Hobbs, & Me

I have many names and duties as a mom, wife, and woman. I have three big little blessings: Bradley James, 5; Emily June, 3; and Carson John, 1 month. I am the wife of Sargeant Hobbs. I work full-time at a community mental health agency with children and families. And I have several of my own dreams, hobbies, and interests.

I chose to start this blog because I am a woman who struggles with real, raw emotions, trials, and triumphs. I have read the blogs of many others who have inspired and encouraged me with their thoughts and ideas. Others who have offered a sense of relief as I have realized I am not alone. There are many other parents struggling with similar behaviors, relationships, feelings, and events. I want to be able to share my own experiences and thoughts with you and I hope that I am able to offer some encouragement and support as you  may be tired and facing your own challenges.

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